MIGCA Zoom Board Meeting-

Sunday, October 11th, 2020- 7pm

MIGCA Board Meeting


Attendance: Debbie Williams-Hoak, Hugh Felt, Mark Posey, Leon O. Braisted III, Chris Cronin, Bob Filter, Paul Ten Eyck  Absent- Dan Picot, Nathan Oake, Deborah Culver


       Regionals-The board discussed how the regional events went and how the use of iWanamaker went. 

       Cody- asked that we gather feedback on the use of the IWanamaker App

       Regional Coaches of the Year- did your Regional vote and announce the winner?

o   We can send an email with an announcement along with Divisional.


       State Finals-

o   Start times, 9:30 at West, 10:30 on East

o   Discussion on possible Frost Delay and how that is going to be handled. 

o   State Finals- Start Times-They are staggered at 9:30 and 10:30.

o   Coaches are needed to help with scoring and other items at the end of the tournament


       All State All Academic Selection -Girls   website ready?

o   The website is being updated with current criteria and will be sent out once the changes have been made.

       All State All Academic Boys- if website is changed for girls does this affect boys nomination process?  Where do we stand with pursuing this?

o   Yes, we will need to update the website again to do the boys. 

o   We will hold off on boys nominations until the girls are done with.

       All State Selection process-  MHSAA offices not available for in person.  Other venue?  Zoom meeting?

o   In person

o   Possibly East Lansing HIgh School-Bob will check on availability.

o   Would we limit the number of coaches attending?  Possibly 4-5 per division

o   1 board member and 3-4 members per division

o   Tuesday, November 3rd, Time TBD, Location TBD

        2020 Girls All State Selection Process- -October 21st at Midnight is the Nomination Deadline

       All State Banquet Girls

o   - discussion on this? Covid Trending, Venue

o   Cancel the Banquet in December-Motioned/2nd and approved the motion to cancel the All State Banquet

o   Option to do it March or April-We will look at it after the state finals.

       2020 Boys All State All Academic Selection-

o   We will do this after the girls All State nominations are done.

       MHSCA HOF Virtual Induction Ceremony- Sunday, September 20th- Scott Street and Randy Johnson to be inducted. Dan Skatzka also recognized for 50 years of coaching.  MIGCA to send out letter of congratulations to each and put Induction Program on our website along with email to members.

       501c-3 Status- $275 to file.  Form 1023 EZ.  Benefits included ease in obtaining sponsorship. Must check on ability to award scholarship if 501c-3.

       BOD Liability Insurance- see attachment. Still waiting on quotes.

       BOD clothing- sent separate email with some Adidas options.


As we go forward, we need to continue to keep the ball rolling on the below special projects. 

       Conference Liaisons- Debbie, DEB

       SWOT Analysis-Chris

       Coaches Corner Resources- Hugh

       Help Tutorials- Mark

       Golf Drills-Tony (part of Coach’s Resources)

       Liability Insurance- Debbie, Nathan

       501C3 Status- Debbie, Nathan

       New Coaches Handbook- Dan

       Policy regarding death of members and families-DEB, LEON


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