MIGCA Zoom Board Meeting- Sunday, February, 7th, 2021- 1pm

MIGCA Board Meeting


Attendance: Debbie Williams-Hoak, Hugh Felt, Mark Posey, Leon O. Braisted III, Bob Filter, Deborah Culver Absent- Chris Cronin, Nathan Oake, Paul Ten Eyck

  • Welcome
  • Start of Spring Sports?Provide input to your AD’s
    • Concerned Coaches won’t get paid
    • What are your thoughts?
    • Access to Gym facilities. Concerned the sports won’t have room to operate, let along be able to socially distance.
    • Concerned about getting kids into tryouts.
    • Coaches need to connect with their AD and let them know how they feel.
  • Rules Project with the MHSAA/GAM
    • Looking into how the MHSAA/GAM can help teams be more informed.
  • All State All Academic Boys Update- eliminate it for 2020?
    • Voted to not recognize the 2020 boys academic all state boys
  • All State Girls Banquet- what to do?
    • Holding Pattern-
  • Social Media Policy- requested by MHSCA
    • We will be creating a policy for the MIGCA
  • I Wanamaker mandate or recommendation- Rep Council to vote in May


  • Additional Board members added preliminary discussion.
    • Would it help to have other members involved in the discussions and involvement?
    • Do we need a Membership position?
      • Effective immediately. Voted on and approved. We will move this to a Membership Vote this Spring.
      • What are the roles and responsibilities? These will be developed in the next couple of weeks and an email will be sent asking for applications.
    • Rankings Position is open
      • Dan Picot-resigned from the Rankings.We Thank him for his many years of service to our organization and wish him nothing but the best.
      • iWanamaker will help with Rankings in the future
  • Adidas affiliation- positive effect to MIGCA
    • Do we as an organization want to promote or align ourselves with Adidas.
    • 20% off Wholesale for MIGCA and any other coaches.
    • MIGCA would also get a little % of all sales.
  • Coaches Resources-The MIGCA Board is looking into adding more resources for the membership.
    • o-We agree that we should proceed and continue to work on the details of each category and come up with a fee structure for Non-Members, Members and Board Members.
    • Help Videos are done
    • Coaches Hanbook-We are continuing to work on.
    • Education- this to include our Drills Library, MHSAA CAP info, Mental Health info, Nutritional info books, video’s.
    • Rules Information- links to USGA, GAM, etc.
    • College Recruiting Information/Scholarship Information- this to include scholarships from MIGCA, PGA, LPGA, etc.
    • Junior Golf- this to include tours, PGA Jr. League, LPGA Girls Golf, Midnight Golf, Youth on Course, First Tee, etc.
    • Affiliate Links- MHSAA, MHSCA, GAM, PGA of Michigan, PGA, LPGA, TPI
    • Special Offers- Bushnell, Maple Hill Golf,Miles of Golf, Carl’s GolfLand, etc.
    • Sales Representatives – this would include all the clothing, equipment reps, etc. that wish to advertise.
    • Teaching Professionals- Golf Fitness Professionals, Mental Game- I initially had thought of if a person is one of these and a member of the MIGCA, they could be listed for either free or a reduced rate than someone who is not a coach and member.
    • Coaches Spotlight- maybe this can be part of this area or in another separate part of our website.
  • MIGCA Extravaganza – August 3,4,5Treetops?SEE ATTACHMENT
    • The Board discussed the possible schedule and costs.
    • This will be posted this spring and registration can begin.
  • Diversity- webinar, Trailblazers, add to our by-laws? Initiatives/Plans?

    ON going projects

  • Awards criteria in writing
  • 1st year Coaches Handbook
  • Conference liaisons identified
  • Board liability insurance
  • 501 C3 Status-you can have this status and still raise money.
  • By Laws- changes that need to be made?Must inform membership 30 days prior to voting on changes.
  • Mental Health Discussions for our Athletes/Coaches


As we go forward, we need to continue to keep the ball rolling on the below special projects. 

  • Conference Liaisons- Debbie, DEB
  • SWOT Analysis-Chris
  • Coaches Corner Resources- Hugh
  • Help Tutorials- Mark
  • Golf Drills-Tony (part of Coach’s Resources)
  • Liability Insurance- Debbie, Nathan
  • 501C3 Status- Debbie, Nathan
  • New Coaches Handbook- Dan
  • Policy regarding death of members and families-DEB, LEON


Additional Board Meeting Topics

Meeting was Adjourned at 2:50pm

Next Meeting



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